Ubisoft Talks About For Honor Microtransactions Uproar

Ubisoft doesn’t want gamers to grind or unlock everything.

There was a slight uproar lately when it comes to Ubisoft’s For Honor video game. Gamers soon discovered that the microtransactions for the video game title were a bit ridiculous and after Ubisoft started to take heat for it, we now have an official statement. According to Ubisoft, gamers are not meant to purchase and unlock everything.

After doing a bit of math, it was discovered online that gamers would have to dish out over $700 on top of the cost of For Honor in order to obtain everything in the video game.

These microtransactions would relate to a number of steel gamers can use to unlock various in-game items so it’s essentially in-game currency.

This steel would then be converted to new cosmetic items which doesn’t give players an advantage over other gamers online. Instead, this allows players to further stand out from the crowd.

As mentioned, Ubisoft has finally brought up the attention For Honor is receiving over the microtransactions.

Recently, For Honor’s game director, Damien Kieken, spoke with Warrior’s Den in which you can view the video posted above. According to Damien Kieken, Ubisoft crafted For Honor similar to RPG and MOBA titles.

These video game titles offer a wide variety of characters and classes. Gamers don’t go onto these video games like World of Warcraft with the mindset of unlocking everything for every character and class. That’s the same thought process developers had when it came to developing For Honor.

Instead of trying to unlock everything, a gamer will likely focus on one to three characters and it’s within these characters that content may be purchased or grind to unlock.

Likewise, most of this content is considered as end-game content for Ubisoft. Players are meant to unlock or purchase these items after playing for several weeks.