Mass Effect 3’s N7HQ Lets You Track Your Progress

Bioware has just launched a new gameplay tracking site for Mass Effect 3.


BioWare has put together a new stat tracking website for the multiplayer co-op mode in Mass Effect 3. 

Not too dissimilar from the Battlelog system for Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3’s newly launched N7HQ allows you to track your challenges and in-game awards; view characters, inventory, and leaderboards; and explore profiles and how other players operate.

Although the system doesn’t require you to launch the game, or has any part of the game client built in, the newly launched system is fully integrated into your browser and allows you to view it from wherever you are—provided you’re on a computer that’s connected to the internet.

The system’s a lot better than anything else BioWare’s has put out before, so it goes without saying that the studio is finally taking their A-game to the BioWare Social Network, which is expected to see future integration with Dragon Age 3 and whatever else the studio has planned.

You can check it out here.