GameStop Will Have More Nintendo Switch Consoles Next Week

Be sure to check your local stores for availability!

Following the console shortage of the Nintendo Switch, GameStop has announced that it will have more units next week, specifically as early as 22 March.

GameStop has advised customers to “check their stores first for availability.”

“GameStop continues to see strong demand from customers who are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch system,” its senior director of merchandising said in a press release. “We are meeting this demand by securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology.

“The customer enthusiasm and response we have seen so far has been incredible as we continue to sell through our supply of systems. We strongly suggest any customer who is still looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch, visit one of our stores as soon as they can. This new allotment will go fast.”

GameStop also noted that it will only have “individual units” meaning that the new stock won’t be console bundles.