Check Out This PC Building Simulator

Here’s a new way to learn how to build a PC.

Building your own custom gaming PC can be an overwhelming task your first time around. I was in the same boat my first time putting together a PC from scratch and thanks to some knowledgeable friends and countless hours online watching videos, building the PC rig itself was actually quite enjoyable.

While there’s a ton of cables, components, and slots, building a PC is relatively straightforward, but if you’re still unsure, maybe taking a crack at this latest video game available for download right now on may calm some nerves.

The video game, PC Gaming Building Simulator, as you can guess is simulator, similar to video game titles such as flight simulators. Right now the video game is still in an alpha stage so there are several elements to the game that have yet to be included. From what is available right now, players can build a custom gaming PC from scratch. You’ll learn where to insert cables, components and more.

There may be a number of other modes being tossed into the video game once the developers finish new updates and builds. For instance, there is apparently no real selection of components quite yet and it would be interesting to see how the developers tie together a campaign mode to the simulator.