YouTuber Shows How To Connect Nintendo Switch Without Using Dock

Here’s how you can avoid using a Nintendo Switch dock.

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s latest hybrid console release, the Switch, released with a few issues. One of the biggest issues gamers expressed their frustration over has been the included default dock system. If you’re not a fan of the default dock or are one of the unlucky few to receive a faulty dock in general, then there’s a quick alternative setup solution.

Essentially, the Nintendo Switch is a portable console which can be played on-the-go. However, by connecting it to the included dock system, gamers can enjoy the Nintendo Switch on their home television.

By using the dock, there may be some consequences you’ll be forced to deal with in the future. For instance, gamers have stated that placing and taking out the Switch from the official Nintendo dock has started to scratch the Nintendo Switch display.

Likewise, there have been reports online that state the Nintendo Switch bundle came with an already bent dock system. This has led to some extra purchases for a new dock system or a dock protector sleeve to allow the Nintendo Switch the ability to be scratched free.

A YouTube channel creator, Adam Schwartz, has released a new video showing an alternative way to enjoy the Nintendo Switch on your television without using the dock. While you will be required a USB-C extension cable, there’s an added benefit to picking up a Hori Compact Playstand.

Take a look at the video above to see how you can rig your Nintendo Switch to a television without needing a dock.