Sony Details MLB The Show 17 Road to the Show Mode

MLB The Show 17’s Road to the Show features detailed.

The role-playing mode of MLB The Show 17 gets new information in latest PlayStation Blog post. Road to the Show mode lets you take your created player all the way from the bottom to the top of the baseball ranks. For the first time, the mode will include interactions between your player and your coach, manager, agent, staff and more.

Here is all the details for this year’s Road to the Show mode:

  • Create a player from scratch. How tall is he? Freckles? Don’t forget the facial hair! We have 22 new facial hair styles, 35 new hair styles, 49 new head shape archetypes, plus a larger palette of color this year to give your guy extra style.
  • Prove yourself in the Minor Leagues and earn training points along the way. Use the training points to make yourself stronger, faster, and more capable. New interactions can kick off 2x Training Point Earning periods that help you get stronger, better, faster. Want to be a bomb hitting fireball pitcher? No problem.
  • Unlock and activate Perks, which can help with hitting more home runs, putting the ball in play, and more opportunities to steal a base.
  • Earn and equip various stat boosting equipment, and rituals to also help you perform better each game.
  • Leverage your abilities to rise through the ranks in pursuit of the dream of playing Major League Baseball. Get a sports agent to represent you and put him to work to help pave your path.
  • If you have what it takes to make the big leagues, you’re one of a select few, but you’re not done yet. Turn your sites on the record books. Build yourself into a true legend, one epic moment to the next, to be exalted in the halls of Cooperstown.

MLB The Show 17 releases on March 28 exclusively for the PS4.