Report Shows Nintendo Switch’s Wi-Fi May Cause Frame Rate Drops

Switching Wi-Fi off will help with FPS drops.

The Nintendo Switch is a pretty well-received console and the success of the console for Nintendo means shipping out more units. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to pick up a brand new Nintendo Switch unit within your favorite retailers.

We recently reported that retailers are having trouble keeping units in stock and while they are in talks with Nintendo, no information has been released on just when more units will be shipped in. This has caused some gamers to pay well over the price of a new retail unit for a re-seller price of the Nintendo Switch.

For those gamers who already own a console, they have been dealing with a few issues, some of which is to be expected from a new console release. One of those issues is the sudden frame rate fluctuations and resolution drops.

It could be speculated that certain games are pushing the power of the console already, but according to a report by Nintendo Life, the real culprit to blame is Wi-Fi.

A third-party developer for the console, who remained anonymous, alerted to Nintendo Life that the console is facing Wi-Fi issues which can cause additional load on the processor, thus affecting the gameplay experience for the console.

While switching off the Wi-Fi will help resolve these issues, the developer did note that Nintendo is fully aware of these problems and is already working on a fix to be released in a future update.

This is good news for those who may have feared the console is already having trouble playing launch titles without issues. For now, we’ll have to wait until a future update is sent out to Switch units before its confirmed to have solved the sudden frame rate drops on the console.