Keystone Games: When Software Publishing & Developing Meets Philanthropy

Games with a difference.

Video games are a source of joy for many of us, and now more than ever, they are slowly evolving into a form of entertainment that is both inclusive and accessible. London-based Keystone Games is one company who is keenly aware of the potential games have as a weapon for positive change – and is utilising their profits to support the needs of disabled and underprivileged children and philanthropic causes.

Homicide Detective: Keystone Games’ debut AAA title for PC is expected to release in Q4 2017.

Keystone Games believes that its desire to entertain while improving people’s lives is something powerful, and not yet seen in the gaming industry. So far, they have established alliances with the likes of Unity 3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Excalibur Games, and is allowing developers unprecedented royalty rates on platforms like Steam. Chief Technical officer Jane Whittaker, a games industry veteran whose credits include DarkseedGoldeneye 64 and The Sims has high hopes for the continued development of Keystone’s mission:

“It is an incredibly exciting time for us. We have both major internal titles, external titles and the support of industry leading companies such as Unity 3D amongst our portfolio of partners. I am convinced that we are set to become a major force in publishing and development. The icing on the cake is that we were formed for our revenues to support kids who really need our help. Keystone is just a fantastic company to be a part of!”

Currently, Keystone Games is in the process of launching their first internal AAA title, Homicide Detective, a first person 3D investigation game which bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds by partnering with actual murder squad detectives.