Mass Effect: Andromeda Adds Post-Launch DLC to Digital Editions

BioWare is adding free post-launch DLC to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s digital retail editions.

BioWare is adding free post-launch DLC to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s digital retail editions. The post-launch DLC will be available in May and will include a multiplayer DLC pack and several skins. It will be available exclusively in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s digital special editions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will launch digitally in three different editions, each including an increasing amount of DLC content with a price hike as well:

  • Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
    • Pathfinder Casual Outfit
    • Scavenger Armor
    • Pathfinder Elite Weapons (Includes Four Weapons)
    • Pet Pyjak
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack
  • Super Deluxe Edition
    • Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Pack (One Pack a Week for Twenty Weeks)

In addition, pre-orders of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s digital edition will include the Dead Space Explorer Armor, 5 50% XP Boosters Packs for Multiplayer, and a Nomad Skin. The Standard Edition of Mass Effect: Andromeda will run $59.99, the Deluxe Edition calls $69.99, and the Super Deluxe Edition jumps up to $99.99.

This newly announced post-launch DLC will only be included in Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions. These early releases do not include any story content, but an extra bit of content will be delivered further down the road as an extra bonus.

The May 2017 DLC bundle will include:

  • Exclusive Multiplayer Pack
  • Two Custom Nomad Skins
  • Pathfinder Casual Outfit

The retail $99 Deluxe Edition includes a diecast Nomad model, and the $200 edition includes a fully functional remote control Nomad. Pretty fancy. However, the $200 edition does not actually include a copy of the game, so you will need to buy that separately.