Retailers Unsure Of When Next Nintendo Switch Shipments Will Arrive

Nearly every retailer is sold out of Nintendo Switch consoles.


The Nintendo Switch launched with immediate success in terms of sales. This console portable hybrid has received both praise and criticism online, though either way, for gamers who are without a console and seeking to purchase the Switch, the struggle is real.

We and most everyone feared the console would end up being a hot community that Nintendo would be unable to meet the initial demands. For instance, the NES Classic, a small form factor Nintendo Entertainment System that comes pre-loaded with classic NES games is still suffering from low stock numbers and it initially launched back in November of 2016.

Seeing how the Nintendo Switch is following suit with the NES Classic, some gamers may be out of luck on a new console for quite some time, though we hope that’s not the case and it turns out that your favorite retailer is very much in the same boat.

MCV a UK video game magazine spoke with retailers regarding the stock levels of the Nintendo Switch. While the retailers are in communication with Nintendo, there’s no indication as to when the next shipment of consoles will be sent in.

This seems to be the case in various markets as nearly everywhere is short to sold out completely for both bundles of the Nintendo Switch. Gamers who fail to beat the re-sellers may be tempted to purchase a console at a higher price.

Likewise, the same can be said for physical copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is the more sought after video game release for the Nintendo Switch.

In other news, now that the initial units are out, the Nintendo Switch has already been exploited with a hack. This could lead to trouble for Nintendo in the future, but for now, hackers have been unsuccessful in booting pirated video games on the console.