Horizon: Zero Dawn Had Guns at Some Point

Players have also killed 20 million Turkeys In the first week of launch

Yesterday on Twitter Guerilla Games released some interesting statistics regarding players in their PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

Game director Mathijs de Jonge said on Twitter that for the first week, players killed 152 million Watchers, 1.4 Thunderjaws and 20 million Turkeys.

de Jone also noted that when in early stages of development, Horizon: Zero Dawn had guns in it.“Early on in development we had some in, but soon replaced them as they didn’t feel right for the game.”

Considering the vast amount of machines and the accompanying firepower, humans having guns would make sense for the story and perhaps add a more realistic feature as humans would have to develop better weapons (guns) in order to combat the mechanical beasts more effectively. That being said, I think that the composite bow adds far more feel to the protagonist than if she were to have a multi-use rifle.