Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Act 2 Shown Off

New details revealed from Sega commentary.

Fans of the original Sonic the Hedgehog video games have been ecstatic over Sega’s upcoming Sonic Mania. The video game is a new 2D platformer that resembles much of what Sonic looked like during the days of Sega’s home consoles the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, depending on where you lived.

Now that we’re waiting for this upcoming video game to officially launch, Sega has released a brand new video going over the newly revealed Green Hill Zone Act 2. The video showcases a few new elements that have been tossed into Sonic Mania that fans can enjoy.

These include new routes, zip lines, and even power-ups that were not originally available. For instance, players can pick up a fireball type power-up that will allow wooden spiked bridges to burn up revealing a new pathway or rewards.

Unlike the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the upcoming Sonic Mania will allow cooperative gameplay where a secondary player may take on the role of Tales. In this case, the two can help each other reach new heights and areas.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know just when we’ll be able to get our hands on a copy of Sonic Mania. The video game is slated to launch at some point this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

In the meantime take a look at the latest gameplay with Sega commentary in the video posted right above.