Shepard Wins IGN Presidential Primaries

Shepard outrages gamers… again

If you hadn't heard, IGN is currently holding a video game presidential primary. A character that (at least at one time) was exclusive to each console is representing the different "parties". Visitors get to choose each candidate and so far the winners are Link from Legend of Zelda for Nintendo, Nathan Drake for PlayStation 3 and…Commander Shepard of Mass Effect for Xbox 360.

Many IGN vistors complained in the announcement comments that Shepard represents too many consoles to count for the Xbox 360. Plus, since Commander Shepard is something of a blank slate, it's even more questionable.

Gamers are getting almost as upset as if it was a real primary, and many visitors have commented that the election was "rigged". Thanks to IGN's strange voting method where you choose between a pair of pictures and keep on clicking, they said that Xbox exclusive Master Chief came up maybe a few times compared to Shepard appearing almost every other vote. A few other players were also upset because the Shepard who "won" is not female.

Despite it all being fake and in good fun, it's definitely got some people annoyed as they are passionate about the characters. Some players think this just means that Xbox needs more exclusive characters and first party content. It seems like Commander Shepard just cannot help but have some controversy surrounding them. The IGN primaries are still going on right now, as a PC candidate has not yet been decided. Then will come the final showdown- I mean, election between Link, Shepard, Nathan, and the PC candidate.

Who do you think will win?

Source: IGN