New Grand Theft Auto Online Content Detailed

Expect new vehicles, game modes, and more!

Rockstar is still pushing out new content for Grand Theft Auto Online and today, thanks to a press release that was sent over, we have a roadmap of what’s to come. A new update has already been released for the video game that offers fifteen new official stunt races.

It’s within these stunt races that gamers can earn double RP and GTA$  through a new update slated to launch later this month will add a unique stunt race type. It’s noted that this new upcoming race type for Grand Theft Auto Online has been created in mind for select GTA Online Special Vehicles which are the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and lastly the Blazer Aqua.

Additional game modes will also be launching in the coming month. Resurrection is Rockstar’s take on dodgeball and a mode known as Top Down will pay homage to the 2D GTA era. Speaking of looking back to previous installments within the franchise, Rockstar will be adding in the popular Turismo Classic and Infernus Classic vehicles due to fan requests.

New content will also be released in spring and summer which will give players brand new weaponized vehicles, missions, and high-powered military hardware, though more information regarding to this content will be detailed at a later date. With so much additional content being pushed into Grand Theft Auto Online, we could see gamers once again pick the game back up.