Borderlands 2 Guide: How To Find The Minecraft Secret Area

Wondering how to get to the Minecraft secret area in Borderlands 2? Read on!

There’s a good chance that you might’ve already heard of the Minecraft secret area in Borderlands 2—and a slim chance that this might be the first time you’re hearing of it. 

In any case, Borderlands 2 does, for a fact, pay tribute to Mojang’s wonderful world builder in the form of a pint-sized secret area replete with Minecraft blocks, items for you to unlock, and it’s infested with creepers that look and behave exactly like the ones in Minecraft. 

To get to the secret area, first head to the Caustic Caverns, located in the Sanctuary Hole which open up after *spoiler* Sanctuary is lifted into the air. 

Caustic Caverns

Once there, head straight north until you reach the Guardian Ruins. You’ll know you’ve arrived when the game tells you. You’ll find a couple of abandoned minecarts on tracks in the location. Just keep heading towards the carts and turn right and you’ll see some unusually straight rocks. 

Minecraft Area Outside

Just jump up onto the rocks and head on down to the precipice towards the left until you see some familiar looking stones that look like they belong in another world entirely. 

Minecraft Area Bricks

Get up close to them and start digging! Hit V to break the blocks. You may encounter a familiar sight. Be warned—just like the Creepers in Minecraft, they'll explode once they get close.

Minecraft creeper

Kill them and they'll drop some fantastic loot, including new Minecraft-themed heads and skins for each of your characters.

Minecraft Skin Borderlands 2

If you don't get what you want the first time, you can keep coming back for more. There's even a chance that one of them will drop a legendary sniper rifle called the Venture Longbow. It even fires bullets with pixelated particles: 

Legendary sniper rifle

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