Whew: Browser-Based RPG Conclave Kickstarted at the Last Minute

Raises thousands within the last hours of its funding window.

Kickstarter may have declared 2012 the Year of the Game but that doesn’t mean all game Kickstarters get funded. For every runaway funding success story like Double Fine Adventure and Project Eternity there are many other crowdfunded game projects that never see the light of day. When David Crane’s ambitious Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to his seminal 1982 Pitfall! failed with only 4% of its funding, for instance, reaction was muted and embarrassed with much shuffling of feet. Kickstarter themselves recently clarified their service to write a lot of the hypotheticals out of posted projects.

So it’s with a certain wave of relief that the equally ambitious but no less worthy Kickstarter project Conclave was successfully funded tonight with only minutes to go on its pledge window. Conclave, which is already in beta, promises to be a sort of browser-based graphical MUD, allowing users a rich D&D-inspired dungeoning experience that they can play at their own pace with other players around the world.

With its new Kickstarter funding of $75,000 US locked in, Conclave is looking at improving its current graphics and animation, adding “at least” 12 new quests to its story campaign, and featuring new in-game music from Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick. All in all, it’s looking like a very promising little project, so congrats to developers 10×10 Room.

Via Indie Game Magazine.