Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Loading Done in the Background, Loading Screens “Do Not Exist”

Read up on more details regarding Kojima’s most ambitious game yet!

At a special stage event at TGS, Kojima Productions has revealed new details regarding Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. And based on what's revealed, Ground Zeroes might not see loading screens at all – despite the game being an open-world game.

Here's the breakdown of the info revealed:

  • Loading is always done in the background, so it’s basically an open world where loading screens do not exist.

  • The exception to this is when you travel by helicopter—there a loading screen will be inserted.

  • There will be many Grand Theft Auto-style open worlds, and these are connected by helicopter.

  • The video that has been released is of the prologue stage, so it’s a small open world. There are bigger ones.

  • The game has a concept of time, so it varies from morning to afternoon, and then to night in real time. [This could mean "game time," I'm not sure.]

  • Before using the FOX Engine on other titles going forward, they want to create the standard with open worlds.

If you read that in relation to each other, it means Ground Zeroes will feature levels as those seen in Grand Theft Auto and there's a good chance there's no loading screens involved. Is that impressive or what?

From what we've seen and heard from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, it's going to be Hideo Kojima's biggest, and most ambitious game yet. Let's hope it delivers whenever it's released. 

Can you imagine a Metal Gear game where it's as big as a GTA game, have dynamic weather effects that hopefully play into the stealth mechanic and not load at all, too? It just might be a Metal Gear fan's wet dream.

Source: Game Jouhou (via Gematsu)