Naughty Dog Has Not Read The Uncharted Film Script

Stop implying that you have our support. – Naughty Dog

When it comes to video games being adapted into films, there seems to be a real lack of positively received releases. For the most part, fans of the source material have not found too many great blockbuster launches within the film industry that does their favorite video game justice leaving future game film releases fighting a more uphill battle.

Recently, we posted about Joe Carnahan who is the scriptwriter for the upcoming Uncharted Film. Carnahan is trying hard to hype up the project as he recently stated in that he wrote the film as it should have been written.

Essentially, the writer didn’t pull any punches and crafted a piece that would match the tone and feel of the Uncharted video game releases. Furthermore, in the past, Joe Carnahan stated that Naughty Dog gave him the approval of the script. While Joe Carnahan is alerting fans that developers at Naughty Dog are really happy with the script, Naughty Dog’s own Neil Druckmann decided to finally chime in.

Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to clear the room by alerting Naughty Dog fans that no one from the studio has ever read the Uncharted film script and that they are completely in the dark. Also, he pleas to Joe Carnahan to stop falsely alerting fans that he has the famed development studio’s support.

Perhaps now that Joe Carnahan has been called out, the developers may be able to take a look at the script and give their thoughts on the overall story and tone.