Black Ops 2 PlayStation 3 Console Mod Looks Stunning

Someone just made their own custom edition Black Ops 2 PS3 and it looks fantastic. There’s also a PS3 NES controller mod, too!

Some big games these days get custom made consoles to commemorate their release. But the thing that amazes me is how most user made mods are even better than the official ones. The PS3 mod below is one of those examples.

Made by user Jriquelme Mods, it's a PS3 console mod for Treyarch's upcoming Black Ops 2. There's a few things that make this mod standout, one of them is how the mod's plating looks similar to Sony's redesign of the slim PS3, the way it's shaped to resemble Black Ops 2's "II" font, and it even lights up, too!

Here's an image of the console along with its controllers:

If the pic didn't make it obvious enough, he also altered the Dualshock 3 to resemble a NES controller. If you're wondering what the other controller is modded after, it's none other than the Famicom — Japan's version of the NES. I particularly love that he even modeled the "Sony" font on the controller after the NES' style.

I did mention that the console lights up too, right? Well, here's how it looks in the dark:

If and when a Black Ops 2 limited console is released, will it look as awesome as this? I highly doubt, as this mod might spike the cost up a notch. 

Are you willing to pay top dollar to get something like this exclusively? Come to think of it, have you seen a console mod that tops this?