Upcoming Free Resident Evil 7 DLC Features Chris Redfield

WARNING: Resident Evil 7 spoilers ahead!

[Warning: Resident Evil 7 Spoilers Ahead]

Capcom will be releasing a free DLC for their latest release, Resident Evil 7. The DLC is known as Not A Hero and will reportedly come out sometime this spring, though an official release date for the DLC has been slated to launch at some point this March. Furthermore, it’s been unveiled by the development team that gamers will be taking on the role of Chris Redfield.

Chris Redfield has been a staple character in the Resident Evil franchise as the protagonist has appeared in the first installment of Resident Evil followed by several other installments such as Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

It’s likely you’ve already completed Resident Evil 7 and know of the cameo of Chris Redfield during the ending sequence. What’s a mystery for gamers online is if this character truly is Chris Redfield as he looks a bit different than past installments and his helicopter has the logo emblem of the Umbrella Corporation.

For the most part, the online Resident Evil community is torn to believe this is, in fact, the Chris Redfield they’ve portrayed in past video games. According to the tweet made by Capcom earlier today, that Chris Redfield returns within the Not A Hero DLC and will showcase a story of who he’s chasing.

Being that this is a completely free campaign storyline, everyone will be able to enjoy more Resident Evil 7 content next month. For now, let us know if you believe the cameo from Resident Evil 7 is Chris Redfield or not by leaving a comment down below.