Darksiders 2’s Argul’s Tomb DLC Set to Hit Next Week

Want more Darksiders 2 content? The Argul’s Tomb pre-order bonus DLC will be arriving next week!

Have you already finished Darksiders 2 and its plethora of sidequests? If you're itching for more adventures for Death, then this news should make you happy.

THQ has announced that the first expansion for the game — Argul's Tomb — will be available for download next week on all platforms.

This expansion will contain a lot of new things. Specifically: two new dungeons, new loot, new enemies and new bosses. THQ is saying that it's tailored for those who have finished at least three zones of the main game. I gather a spoiler or two crops up in between those, no?

For those who purchased the Limited Edition of Darksiders 2, Argul's Tomb will, of course, be free for download as promised. However, if you got the game's vanilla version, expect to pony up $6.99 in real-life currency (560 MS Points) for the DLC when it's released on September 25.

Are you getting this? Come to think of it, have you finished Darksiders 2? Do you think it's better than Darksiders 1?