EA is First Publisher to Back GaymerCon

The LGBT focused convention gains an important ally

The first ever gaming and tech convention focused on LGBTQ culture has received their first official publisher support and it's a big one. Electronic Arts has signed on to have a significant presence at the convention.

“EA believes that to be truly innovative, you must be inclusive. We are proud to be a part of this event,” said Ginger Maseda, Global Diversity and Inclusion for EA.

While some of EA's past actions may be controversial in the minds of many gamers, they have always been very progressive in many ways for the LGBTQ community – even winning an award for "Best Places to work for LGBT Equality" back in 2010. They haven't shied away from it in games either, as some of their most popular games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age feature romance options for same sex relationships, if the player so chooses.

The gaming community in general has been very supportive of GaymerCon and of its leadership of tech and gaming industry professionals based in San Francisco, Seattle and around the world. The convention will definitely mark an important milestone for the LGBT community.

“EA not only publishes some of the best games in the world, but they’re the most progressive company in the industry." said GaymerCon Industry Relations Director Jack DeVries. "We’re thrilled and honored to have them involved in GaymerCon."