ColorWare Introduces PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Special Edition

Be still, my nostalgic heart!

By the love of the nostalgia gods, the original PlayStation console has been brought back to life. No, we’re not talking a PlayStation Mini (even though Sony fans would almost certainly appreciate that), but a limited edition run of the PS4 Pro with a classic PlayStation redesign.

It’s worth noting that two years ago, Sony also released an exclusive, classically inspired PlayStation 4  in celebration of the console’s 20 year history, but in comparison to ColorWare’s approach, it was more akin to a reskin. This time around, the PS4 Pro Special Edition features labelled USB ports which are numbered 1 and 2, just like the original controller ports. In addition, the PlayStation logo is now facing the front as opposed to the side, and the dualshock controllers are a more faithful rendition of the PS1 versions, including dark grey joysticks.

Only 25 of these babies were produced for this run, which has (sadly) already sold out. Should ColorWare produce another line? Let us know in the comments.