NBA 2K13’s Kinect Integration might Actually Work

2K Sports shows off how Kinect integration works with NBA 2K13 and it could actually work!

I think it's safe to say now that Kinect is not a viable method in controlling core games. We learned that the hard way, but that's the honest truth.

However, this latest trailer for NBA 2K13 might be the exception. Before you ask, you can't use the Kinect to play the game; what 2K Sports did instead is use the Kinect to make ancillary moves interact with the player as seamless as possible. 

Say, you want someone to give you a screen, instead of tapping a button, you can just talk at the Kinect to have someone give you a screen. Another example is using the Kinect to sub a player. Instead of going through all the menus, you can just call out to the Kinect to sub Kobe for Artest and it will do so automatically at the next dead-ball situation.

Give it a watch below to see what I mean.

For the more hardcore virtual hoops fan, you can also use the Kinect to call out plays. This applies to both offensive, and defensive sets. So if you want to play man-to-man, you can do so. This is the same when you want a "clear out" play for Lebron, too. Just shout it out and the Kinect will do the rest.

Could sports games be the ideal fit for Kinect? We'll know soon enough once NBA 2K13 launches on October 2 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.