NBA 2K13 USA Basketball Trailer Shows Jordan Going Up Against Kobe

Who’s the better Dream Team? Jordan’s ’92 squad or Kobe’s? Watch the trailer now to see the two teams against each other.

Who would win in a matchup between the original 1992 Dream Team or 2012's USA Basketball team? While Kobe publicly thinks the 2012 team would win, the 1992 team did have a few players many consider to be the greatest of all-time in their respective positions.

In NBA 2K13's latest trailer, it attempts to ask that question to the player as the likes of Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson goes up against Lebron, Chris Paul and the rest of today's stars. Of course, you can't go into this conversation without involving the two biggest names of the sport at their respective era. I'm, of course, talking about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Watch the trailer below to see Jordan go up against what many consider to be his counterpart for today's generation — the Black Mamba.

Having seen both Dream Teams in action, I'd give the nod to Jordan & Co. Of course, for those who've only seen the 2012 team, they will quickly point out that the game then is different from the game now. 

This is one endless debate and the best way to settle it is to just play the game when it comes on October 2 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.