Skyrim Mods Add Awesome Armor

More awesome things to wear!

You know what you can never have enough of? Awesome armor. Unfortunately games run out of gear that they can give you to wear  – there's only so much they can provide! Thankfully, this is where mods can come in. Here's two I think you might be a fan of.

First, we have the Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton. The history of the armor:

A long time ago the Dwemer invented the automatons, fearless machines protecting the dwemer cities, but they constructed one machine different from the automatons, a machine which requires a humanoid to work. They created Hyperion! The Hyperion exoskeleton grants the wearer more speed and strength.

As for part of what's included in the pack:

-Hyperion exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-Hyperion Master exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-5 Mountable Weapons (One & Two Handed)
-The Lost Technology Quest
-New Dungeon with Skyrim records and Easter eggs 😀
-Hyperion Regulator
-Bonus: Steam spell
-Bonus: Centuria Generator (Staff conjuring Centurions)
-Increased Jumps

You can read the rest of the details here – the picture above is of this armor set.

The other mod of interest is the Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor. The creator describes it as such:

To get it you need to craft it. The armor requires the dwarven smith perk and arcane blacksmith perk, AND you need to complete the Ancient Knowledge ability quest.

The armor is the heaviest armor in the game and has almost equal armor rating to daedric set. The armor is however already enchanted so you can't make them even more powerful. The armor crafting recipe appears under dwarven category. I added into the requirements that you also need the Ancient Knowledge quest to be complete, since this is one of the lost dwemer secrets, it makes sense that you need to know about it before you can craft it.

This is a video of it in action:

Download this crazy armor here. Happy modding!