Fallout Shelter Port Not Currently In The Works For PlayStation 4

Fallout Shelter may never release on the PlayStation 4.

Fallout Shelter was introduced during E3 2015 by developers Bethesda Game Studios. This is a free-to-play application that allowed players to become an overseer of a Vault within the Fallout universe. Players could manage and build their Vault which also directs their citizens while keeping them happy with necessities of survival whether that be food, water, or power.

Since its release, the video game has launched on the iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox One platforms. The video game quickly gained a following with fans of the Fallout franchise, but there’s one console that seems to be left out, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Because the Xbox One platform recently received a port of the video game, one Twitter user by the name of Elektr0ns has decided to reach out and Pete Hines, Bethesda’s marketing executive, on when gamers can expect a port for the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a port in the works for the console. Pete Hines responded by stating he didn’t know if there would be a port on the PlayStation 4. When the developers made the video game, they worked on the universal windows platform which supports a variety of devices, but Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is not one of the supported devices.

This doesn’t mean that the video game will never see a release on the Sony PlayStation 4 platform, but it does seem that the manpower to create a port is not necessarily a top priority for Bethesda right now. We imagine that a port for the Nintendo Switch is also not in the works, but only time will tell. Perhaps we’ll get more information during this year’s E3 event which was just revealed to be open for the general public.

In the meantime, if you own a tablet, smartphone, PC, or the Xbox One, then you can enjoy Fallout Shelter right now.