EA’s Facebook Page Gets Trolled Big Time

EA is not safe from trolling, it seems.

You know how you can take a picture and tag other people on it on Facebook? This includes companies, not just unsuspecting friends. I've seen people do things like tag CliffyB on shit he's definitely not in, to either get him to notice them or to annoy him (or well, his public account). No biggie, usually harmless. But recently a band of people (I assume, judging by sheer volume of pictures) must have gotten together to tag EA in about as many offensive pictures as possible–from porn to hentai to pictures of Gabe Newell and Steam. Also ponies. Apparently these folk are PC-loving bronies who really hate EA?

It's probably a matter of time before the pictures get taken down. So if you're really curious, here and here are small samples of what is on the EA page right now, which might not be there by the time you read.

Apparently these are also the same pictures that appeared on Bioware's page when people were upset about Mass Effect 3. Educated guess says its 4Chan having some fun. Who knows. I laughed, until I got to the Adventure Time hentai in there, at which point I got mad. Ah well, nothing is sacred on the internet. Not EA, not whimsical cartoons. Can't help but wonder who the next target will be.