Halo 4 PAX Info Blowout: Customization Options, Detailed Radar, Concussion Rifle

A host of new details about Halo 4 surfaces.

A flurry of new details about Halo 4's customization options and gameplay-related information has surfaced in the recent days since 343 Industries' presentation of the title at PAX Prime last weekend. Here's some of the new things we've learned about the game. 

Visor Color

Unlike its predecessors, Halo 4 will offer a much wider range of Spartan customizability, ranging from armor pieces and camouflage to visor colors. Indeed, you’ll be able to tweak the colors of your Spartan’s visor to match bright green of Metroid’s Samus if you want to.

Primary and Secondary Colors in Halo 4

Primary and Secondary Colors

In addition to customizing your character’s overall camouflage, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of primary and secondary colors for your Spartan’s armor.

Primary and Secondary Colors


As with previous games, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of emblems to design your very own customized logo. In addition to the ones you get by default, completing your Specialization levels will grant you access to additional emblems to choose from.



Not only will you be able to customize how you look, you’ll also be able to configure how your Spartan presents himself to other players through his or her idling stance. There’s a variety of choices here, including Recruit, Heroic, Assassin, Last Stand, Breach, Stand Off, Believe, and Assault.

halo 4 stance

Radar Depicts Vehicles

In screenshots on maps where vehicles are available, a close look at the radar reveals that vehicles visible on the radar are fully depicted as vehicles rather than round blobs.


Concussion Rifle

It’s a weapon that’s yet to be officially revealed, but it’s fully visible as a weapon for the player to pick up in this screenshot.

Concussion Rifle Halo 4