Sony EU PS+ Video Released, Continues to Show How Bad US PS+ is in Comparison

Sony EU has released a new video highlighting PS+ for that region…Yep, US PS+ members are still second-rate.

Sony Europe has released a new video showing people what they can expect when they sign up for PlayStation Plus. While the "Instant Game Collection" is applicable on all regions, I'm sad to say the EU one easily trumps its US counterpart.

Here's the trailer and it seems Nathan Drake might be headed to PS+ soon! Unless Uncharted 2 footage was just spliced in for no reason.

Now, I hate to be a bitter old coot, but it's hard to be that way when you consider PS+ for EU has gotten heavyhitters such as: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Darksiders 1, Dead Space 2, Borderlands and more. Oh, did I forgot to mention that they'll be a 25% discount on PS+ memberships and getting Red Dead Redemption this month, too? 

In comparison, US PS+ members will be getting Borderlands 1 and Double Dragon Neon (also coming out for EU PS+) this month…and that's it. Hopefully, the service's US version catches up soon; otherwise, I can see a lot of people jumping ship to the EU version, no?

Are you a member of PS+ If so, which region are you a member of? Are you happy with what you've received so far?