Bandai Namco Provides Further Explanation to Why Tekken 7 Was Delayed

Bandai Namco explain the delay further.

Unfortunately for Tekken fans, Capcom has delayed Tekken 7’s console release from early 2017 to June 2. Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada provided a statement as to why the decision was made, and Bandai Namco Community Manager Dalton Link went over to the PlayStation Blog to further explain the situation.

The console version of Tekken 7 contains features, tuning, characters, and modes that are not found in the arcade version. This version benefits from everything we learned from the arcade launch of the game. We are able to take the comments, data, and observations made from the arcade launch to balance the game and further improve the gameplay.

The console version also contains a full story mode not found in the arcade version, along with some fan favorite characters. Lastly, tournament play is very important to both the Tekken development team and to our hardcore fans, we want to make sure our online tournament features perform to the highest possible standard. All of these improvements take time and we appreciate your patience.

Delaying games is always better than receiving a rushed and unfinished product, which is something Capcom and Bandai Namco don’t want to do with Tekken 7.