Director of 10 Clover Field Lane Looking at Making a Game

Could we see a game from Dan Trachtenberg in the future?

Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Clover Field Lane says that he wouldn’t mind making a game.

Trachtenberg also directed the 2011 Portal Short film Portal: No Escape, so it’s evident that his interest in video games isn’t misplaced.

Speaking to Glixel, the director revealed that he has in fact already started talking about “video game stuff with some people.”. However, it might still be a while till we actually see progress.

“I have a feeling I’ll have to make a few more movies before I ever get a shot at making a game, but I’d love to make a game at some point,” he said. He hasn’t shared any other details regarding the game he would like to make.

JJ Abrams is also hopping on the idea of video game work by working with Infinity Blade studio Chair Entertainment on an action-strategy game called Spyjinx for mobile and PC.

In the full interview, Trachtenberg also chats about his interest in expanding to VR and the current games he is playing: Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Dishonoured 2, and The Last Guardian right now. If you have time, check out the full interview, it’s quite fascinating and is available here.

“I bring the games with me wherever I go and it’s a big part of my creative life, for sure,” he said.