NFL Player Calls Out EA Sports on Twitter for Using the Wrong Picture in Madden 13

New York Giants defensive tackle Marcus Thomas displeased to learn that Madden 13 in-game picture is of someone else entirely.

Marcus Thomas (seen on the left), presumably fired up his console of choice one day, excitedly loaded Madden 13 and went to take a look at the virtual facsimile of himself. The New York Giants defensive tackle endured quite a shock, however, when he realized that the picture representing him wasn’t actually him, but another Marcus Thomas, who hasn’t been signed in the NFL since 2009.

A very angry Marcus Thomas then let his feelings be known on Twitter, writing,

“the creators of madden needs to b slapped for putting an imposter pic in place of me that's not me for the last time I don't look like that.”

 "I been in the nfl going on 6years and y'all still hav another mans face for my pic on madden i hate y'all hate is very strong but I do"

He continued,

“Madden is disrespectful practice your craft and make it realistic I'm in newyork now help me please someone call madden and tell him lol."

"I'm serious but I'm not Naw I'm serious they been try n me for 4 years. How y'all gone hav my pic rookie season and then change it to a completely dif person for ds rest of my career… Man im angry now u right madden is very unprofessional"

Eventually, Thomas took his grievances directly to @EAMaddenNFL, the official Madden Twitter account, wryly writing,

“dear mr @EAMaddenNFL i com to you humbly sir. Can u please put the right photo of me on the madden it's been 6years not lol maybe a giggle.”

Fortunately for Thomas, the Madden NFL Content Producer Donny Moore tweeted an apology over the mistake and promised to have the picture corrected in the game’s next update.

Via: The Escapist