WWE Game for Next-Gen Being Worked on by THQ & Yukes, Claims New Consoles to Be Revealed at E3 2013

Yukes Senior Producer Arnaud Frey confirms that they’re working on a next-gen WWE game…he even lets out that next-gen will be unveiled at next year’s E3!

Don't let the headline fool you, whether you're a wrestling fan or not, this warrants a read. During a WWE '13 press event in Los Angeles,  Yukes Senior Producer Arnaud Frey went on camera to admit that THQ and Yukes are indeed working on a next-gen WWE game.

Seeing as the WWE games have been coming out like clockwork every year, that's hardly surprising. What is surprising, though, is Frey revealing that the next-gen consoles will be announced by Sony and Microsoft at next year's E3. Of course, anybody can claim that, but seeing as the guy is on the development side of a big franchise, well, I'd like to think he knows more than the rest of us common folk.

In addition to this next-gen reveal, Frey also outed that the first WWE game for next-gen will be released in two years' time — thus making WWE '14 a current-gen affair. 

If you'd rather watch all of these being shared by Frey instead of reading it, give the video a look below. Just a heads-up, though, the video is in French but has since been translated by the interviewer over on NeoGAF

I don't know about you, but it really seems like next-gen is an inevitability next year, no? Of course, even if it is, there are a ton of games coming out next year that might make the wait to jump to the PS4 and Xbox 720 a little bit easier.

If you know French, does Frey's comments seem spot-on or did it seem like he was guessing? Come to think of it, are you ready for this generation of gaming to end?

Source: JeuxVideo