For Honor Season Pass Details Supposedly Leaked

For Honor’s season pass includes six new warriors and more.

Looks like Ubisoft made a mistake and accidentally updated For Honor’s online store page with season pass details. Reddit user Malevolent_Platypus managed to snatch the information from the game’s Gold edition listing and shared it.

For Honor’s season pass reportedly includes six new warriors, which season pass holders will get one week prior to everyone else, a Day One War Pack, which includes three scavenger crates, exclusive emblems and emotes and the Champion status for a month. However, it also states that there will be “additional all-new content,” which is a pretty vague description of what might be added to the game post-release.


  • Six All-New Warriors (plus one week early access)
  • Day One War Pack
    • Exclusive Sunbeam Emote (that works with all 12 warriors)
    • 3 Scavenger Crates
    • Exclusive Emblem
    • 30-day Champion Status
  • Plus additional all new content

For Honor releases on February 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.