Xbox Head Teases New IPs Coming This E3

Phil Spencer teases E3 2017.

Microsoft’s 2017 exclusive video game release list was recently shortened by one title earlier this week when the company revealed Scalebound was cancelled. Since the announcement, Xbox gamers have been curious as for if other titles will also follow suite and if Microsoft would be able to deliver a thrilling show when E3 rolls around later this year.

As mentioned, there’s not too much information out on why Microsoft killed off Platinum Games Scalebound. Instead, we only received statements from both Microsoft’s Xbox Head Phil Spencer and Platinum Games CEO along with the title’s game director regarding their disappointment in the now defunct project.

Phil Spencer stated that the cancellation of Scalebound was a tough decision and ultimately better for Xbox gamers. With one title already getting killed off early into the new year, gamers started to speculate that Crackdown 3 would also be in danger. After all, this is one title that Microsoft has been silent about for some time now.

Though we don’t have any official statements on the matter quite yet, one industry insider was able to confirm that the video game title would not be in any danger of being cancelled despite the quiet production and rocky development. With a shorter list of exclusives coming out this year and Project Scorpio likely on the top of Microsoft’s priorities leaving some concern as to if Microsoft will also be able to deliver in terms of IP announcements at E3 2017.

Recently, Phil Spencer spoke about both Project Scorpio and new IPs on Twitter. According to Phil Spencer’s tweet, it seems that Microsoft is unsure if Project Scorpio will be shown off before E3 or during the event.

Though what may be more exciting for gamers not interested in making a new console upgrade jump is the tease Phil made towards the likelihood of new IPs. While not directly stating new IPs will be revealed at the event, the head of Xbox makes a comment that people like new things at E3 when questioned about the potential of new surprises at E3 2017.

Now we can’t help but wonder if any of these potential new IP announcements will release this year or if we’ll be checking out title lineups of 2018.