Industry Insider Reveals Crackdown 3’s Rough Development But Not Cancelled

Crackdown 3 is safe according to one industry insider.

There’s a lot riding on Microsoft to deliver in terms of software. After the cancellation of Scalebound, one of the most anticipated Microsoft exclusives slated to launch this year, gamer’s may be worried as to some of the other fabled and promising titles coming down the pipeline. When it comes to Crackdown 3, fans shouldn’t have to worry according to one industry insider.

The list of exclusive titles for Microsoft’s PC and Xbox One platforms was recently shortened this week and after not hearing any new reports regarding Crackdown 3, gamers may be worried it’s the next exclusive to get the ax. That’s not the case after industry insider Shinobi602 poked around for information.

Shinobi602 is a pretty well-famed industry insider that’s leaked out correct information in the past. After the announcement of Scalebound’s cancellation, the insider reached out to his sources and managed to get information that Crackdown 3 is safe though development was rough.

Development processes are usually rough and it may take a bit before everything plays smoothly, though after not hearing any new details or lack of gameplay being shown off was not doing any favors for gamers eager to get their hands on a copy.

To further clarify the rough development process, Shinobi602 further stated that while the development is rough and there are still issues to be worked on, the production is nothing like Scalebound’s.

We imagine that there are a few gamers relieved over the insider comments, though we can’t help but wonder just when we’ll see the upcoming video game title in action once again.