Modder Brings Third-Person View Back Into Resident Evil 7

Here’s what Resident Evil 7 looks like in third-person.

Resident Evil 7 is highly anticipated for gamers and while the title seems to bring the franchise back to its original tone and atmosphere, the development team at Capcom opted to bring gamers a first-person view perspective. This ties in well with Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, though some gamers may miss the standard third-person perspective that the franchise is mostly known for.

Well, thanks to modders out there, we can likely enjoy the game in third-person upon release. Modder and YouTuber, Tom Humble, took the demo version of the game and altered the viewpoint for gamers. Instead of being placed at eye level of our protagonist, the viewpoint was switched to behind, allowing players to see their body in-full while going through the game.

Naturally, being developed as a first-person video game, the title is a bit clunky and odd in third-person. Furthermore, our protagonist doesn’t have a head model, which is honestly to be expected. Regardless, being that this is just a demo run test, we may see other modders take the idea and release a full version of the game upon Resident Evil 7’s launch.

Currently, Capcom is set to launch Resident Evil 7 towards the end of this month on January 24, 2017. Gamers can pick the title up for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For now, take a look at the demo test run by the modder above and a game gallery down below.