Fungipunk Puzzler ‘She Remembered Caterpillars’ is an Examination of Melancholy

A lush and bewildering tale about love, loss, and holding on.

Jumpsuit Entertainment UG’s She Remembered Caterpillars is not your average colour-based puzzle game. Although the quaint depiction of miniscule insects suggests a far more sweet experience, beneath the surface lies a tale of grief.

The development of She Remembered Caterpillars can be traced back to 2012, where it began as a project to learn the basics of coding in the Unity game engine. From there, SRC evolved into a strange, colour-matching puzzle game with a sharp focus on the loss of one’s parents – a theme which is designed to enable a discourse between kids and parents about life and death. Throughout the game, players gain further insights into the gradually unfolding story, which slowly begins to take the form of one scientist’s quest to save her father from the inevitable.

She Remembered Caterpillars is due to release on Steam this January 17 for PC and Mac. Interested players can try out a free demo on the Steam page, or through