Alan Wake Devs: Next-Gen Consoles are a “Quantum Leap”

Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake, confirms they’re working on next-gen consoles and states that it’s a quantum leap in comparison to what we have now.

Remedy, the developers behind the first two Max Payne games and Alan Wake, confirms that they're now working with next-gen tech.

This was revealed by the studio in an interview with the German edition of GamesIndustry. In the interview, Oskari "Oz" Hakkinen, head of franchise development, admits that they have a small team working on a next-generation project.

We are working as usual, first with a relatively small team on a next-generation project…One wonders, yes always is: Can the new consoles really be that much better than the previous Rest assured: it's you, it is a quantum leap.
Ufortunately, that's all Hakkinen was willing to reveal. We don't even know if it's for Sony or Microsoft at this point; although seeing as Remedy's last game was for Microsoft (Alan Wake), chances are this game might be another exclusive title for the next Xbox. Either that or this is Alan Wake 2 and they just don't want to acknowledge it.
Is it even surprising that next-gen tech is being labled as a quantum leap compared to what we have now? This is what usually happens whenever a new generation of consoles roll in. They looks so overpowered, but after a year or two, people are already clamoring for better tech.
Well, whatever it is we get next-gen, just imagine that it's better than the games we're seeing now and that should be enough to make you want this current generation to be over.