Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Have A Season Pass

DLC details to be revealed at a later date.

Development studio BioWare has been on fire lately when it comes to their upcoming video game release, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The video game title is easily one of the most anticipated releases for this year and now that we’re inching closer to the official launch date, we’re getting new details surrounding the title and its release.

The latest bit of news came from BioWare’s general manager Aaryn Flynn who took to Twitter and responded to a fan question. Connor M reached out to the Mass Effect development team in order to ask if gamers can expect a season pass for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. Aaryn Flynn responded simply with “nope”.

When further pressed on DLC information, Aaryn Flynn revealed that more details regarding DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda will be unveiled at a later date. We don’t know what this means as developers have often used DLC and microtransactions as a means to not only further add content into their video game, but also gain additional funds from their work.

Being that there is no season pass when it comes to future expansions in Mass Effect: Andromeda may reveal that the DLC could potential be free, similar to Titanfall 2. However, since DLC will be announced at a future date, we’ll have to wait and see just what the development team plans on doing.

In other news related to Mass Effect: Andromeda, we’ve learned that the game will support HDR on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Likewise, the game was recently announced to be going through a polishing stage when it came to further enhancing the animations after fan feedback showed concern over the lack of facial emotional depth in the lead protagonist character.