Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.05 Live on PS4; Most Popular Recent Mods Revealed

Skyrim Special Edition has some really tasty mods.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition finally got an update, and it is currently available to download on PS4. The update’s patch notes doesn’t include any major changes or fixes, but adds some general stability and performance improvements. Bethesda also fixes a couple of issues regarding Slow Time effects working properly and log in problems.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition currently has over 1,600 mods, and here are the most popular ones:


  • Alidon’s Ultimate Armory – A custom armory full of unique spells, armors, weapons, enchantments, a teleport room, and Skyrim’s most powerful vanilla and custom followers.
  • Auriel’s Weaponry: The Holy Bow Shield and Sword – Give to Auriel’s artifacts the power they deserve! Infused by the Magicka of the Aetherius, the Bow and the Shield of the Sun God are strengthened and his Sword is revealed!
  • Phenderix Magic World DLC – Phenderix Magic World is one of the largest mods available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. The new features added by this mod will completely enhance your experience and unleash hundreds of new role-playing options.
  • Bridges of Skyrim – Bridges of Skyrim is a simple mod that replaces all the vinilla stone bridges with unique and custom bridges. Each Bridge design is inspired by the region it is located in. For example if a bridge is in The Reach it would be Dwemer design. If the bridge is near a Imperial Fort the bridge would be made out of the same materials as the fort. This mod is made to work nicely with other mods and provides a subtle change to the world.

If you tried a mod you feel like people need to know about, feel free to share it below.