Justify Your Happy Meal Craving with Mario and Luigi Figurines with Every Purchase (UK)

Grown-ups can buy happy meals right? RIGHT??

Mario and his crew will be making a comeback to every children’s favorite fast food.

According to this promotional clip and information from Nintendo life, the limited run of Happy Meal toys will kick off on January 11 with Yoshi and Mario himself. They’ll be followed by Peach and the red shell in week 2, Bowser and question mark blocks in week 3, and finally Luigi and the Piranha Plant in week 4.

There is no word of yet from Nintendo or McDonalds of the circulation of figurines, but according to twitter John Galley has already obtained a Mario toy, suggesting the figures may be out already.

Last time we saw Super Mario Bros themed toys was 2014 whereby McDonald’s put Mario Kart 8 toys in its kids’ meals to accompany the game’s release. There have also been Pokemon X / Y-themed toys.

This time the promotion could be preceding the rumoured released of a new Mario title on the Switch.