Super Glitch Boy: ‘Standby’ Combines Speedrunning With Epic 2D Shooting

54 levels of precision fuelled mayhem.

Described as a lightning fast precision platformer, Noclip’s Standby delivers players a vibrant speedrunning experience that takes place in a glitched out world. Featuring a minimalist, neo-noir aesthetic, Standby was apparently inspired by 1980’s sci-fi flick Blade Runner.

The star of Standby is a chill dude with a wide-brimmed hat, who must slide, crush, dash and teleport across over 50 obstacle filled levels that have been inflected by the ‘Glitch’. Pumping away in the background is a funky techno-beat soundtrack, matching the intensity of the gameplay. The game comes with a speedrun mode, challenging players to complete for the fastest times in the global leaderboards.

As an additional incentive to jump on board the speedrunning bandwagon, Noclip will be donating a dollar from each sale of Standby to the Prevent Cancer Foundation during the first week of the annual Awesome Games Done Quick event.

Standby is out now on Steam for $6.79 USD, 15% off normal price for PC and Mac.