Edmund McMillen’s The Basement Collection Dated for Steam

Edmund McMillen’s collection of games has been dated for release on Steam.

The Basement

Edmund McMillen, better known as the maker of Super Meat Boy, has announced plans to release The Basement Collection on Steam for both the PC and Mac. The collection is priced at a meager $4 and is set to contain eight of Edmund McMillen's games from the past, remade with new art, music and extra content.

Here's what it contains:

-Time Fcuk (with a new exclusive 33 level sequel chapter and updated level editor)

-Aether (with improved graphics, physics, controls and extra bonus content)

-Spewer (with a new exclusive 10 level bonus chapter, improved physics and controls)

-Grey Matter (the 1st Team Meat game)

-Triachnid (with improved mouse controls)

-Meat Boy (with improved controls)


-Secret game 1 (with new music, graphics and gameplay)

-Secret game 2 

According to the games' creator, each game will come with achievements and will be presented in high detail at full screen resolution, in addition to design documents, character design sketches, audio and video commentary, and playable prototypes. 

The Basement Collection will be out on August 31.