Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Be Available Through Steam

Gamers forced to purchase Mass Effect: Andromeda via Origin.

Bioware Mass Effect Andromeda

Though it shouldn’t come to much shock, we can officially report that the highly anticipated upcoming Mass Effect installment, Mass Effect: Andromeda, will not see distribution through Steam. Instead, gamers will be forced to use EA’s Origin service.

The news came directly from BioWare’s Ian Frazier when he was asked if Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available for purchase on Steam. According to Ian Frazier, there will be two options available for PC gamers, a digital download purchase from Origin or through a physical disc.

It’s worth noting that the physical disc purchase may also require gamers to activate the game through Origin. A follow-up question was presented to Ian directly asking if the disc will require Origin activation where Ian Frazier’s response was uncertain if the game will be directly on the discs or will prompt an install through Origin.

Regardless, this is not the only shred of news that came out this week regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda. We learned earlier today that BioWare is currently polishing facial animations after fans expressed their concern regarding how limited the protagonist looked emotionally. Furthermore, there was also confirmation from BioWare that there are currently no plans on releasing a port of Mass Effect: Andromeda on Nintendo’s upcoming video game console, the Switch.