Nintendo Rakes In $30 Million From Super Mario Run

Reportedly over three million users have purchased Super Mario Run.

Nintendo might have surprised quite a few gamers when they officially announced their entrance into the mobile smartphone and tablet market. However, it seems that the video game behemoth company is doing well when it comes to turning a profit for their application video game releases. One of the latest releases, Super Mario Run, has already been reported to have raked in tens of millions in profit for Nintendo.

A new report from The Wall Street Journal had featured collected data from Newzoo. It’s in this data that we learned of around three million iOS users have downloaded and paid $10 to unlock all of the content for Super Mario Run. If this report proves to be accurate, Nintendo has already brought in $30 million in revenue.

While $10 seems a bit more pricey compared to most video game applications featured within the iOS store, it’s worth noting that the game will not feature any in-game content nor does Nintendo hold any plans to release extra content for an additional fee.

This may soften the blow to spend this amount of money for a small video game application and from the looks of things, gamers are having no problem justifying the app purchase. What’s more interesting is that Nintendo’s Super Mario Run video game application is currently only available on iOS with Android gamers still waiting for a release sometime this year leaving Nintendo to rake in an even more impressive profit turnover after the end of this year.