Mass Effect: Andromeda Already Receiving Improvement Promises

Facial and other animations are still being polished according to BioWare.

The next upcoming installment to the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is arguably one of the more anticipated video game releases for this year. Development studio, BioWare, is undoubtedly working hard to release the project as something that they are not only proud of, but one that fans will enjoy playing. However, being that the video game is still in development, there are bound to be plenty of bugs and issues that will arise, one of which has already alerted fans online.

Recently, BioWare revealed a new gameplay trailer during The Game Awards 2016 which featured the narrative protagonist, Sara Ryder. During the trailer, it seemed as if Sara Ryder didn’t convey a real depth and range of facial emotions. This has started to spark concern online with BioWare alerting fans that this is an aspect that’s still being polished.

Earlier today, BioWare GM, Aaryn Flynn, once again spoke up on behalf of BioWare to alert concerned fans that they are hard at work to deliver the title with no performance facial bugs. Within the tweet, Aaryn Flynn also makes mention of Sara Ryder’s character stating that she’s strong, funny, and adventurous.

Unfortunately, there will be limitations on just how adventurous players are able to be when Mass Effect: Andromeda launches. Late last month, we learned that gamers are limited as to how far they are able to explore the Mass Effect: Andromeda galaxy. Furthermore, it was also unveiled that BioWare is currently not working on a port of the game for Nintendo’s upcoming console the Switch leaving gamers to pick the upcoming title on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.