New Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Video Showcases Dragon Riding

Dragons look pretty cool mounts in Dragon Quest XI.

There hasn’t been a lot of new information going around regarding Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, but thanks to a recent gameplay video, we now know the game features dragon mounts. The gameplay video was featured in a televised presentation that aired on Japanese television station NHK.

Even though it is relatively short, there was a part where the protagonist flew around the landscape briefly riding a tiny dragon. It also revealed a place in-game where players can camp for an amount of time, regaining health and magic.

Thanks to Gematsu‘s help in translating the video’s menus and such, we discovered a lot of the items player can create within the game. Here they are below:


  • Copper Sword (Seidou no Tsurugi)
  • Iron Sword (Tetsu no Tsurugi)
  • Silver Rapier (Zan no Rapier)
  • Zombie Killer
  • Platinum Sword
  • Zombie Buster
  • Magic Swordsman Rapier (Makenshi no Rapier)
  • Fire Sword (Honoo no Tsurugi)
  • Metal Slime Sword (Metasura no Tsurugi)
  • Miracle Sword Modified (Kiseki no Tsurugi Kai)
  • Hayabusa Sword Modified (Hayabusa no Tsurugi Kai)
  • Inferno Sword

Make sure to check the gameplay video for yourself below: