FIFA 13 Demo Gameplay Shows New Mechanics

Get an early taste of the upcoming demo of FIFA 13.

fifa 13

Youtube user, Calfreezy, was given a chance to play FIFA 13 at the recently concluded Gamescom event held in Cologne. The demo footage shows the new skill games mode which replaces the arena mode from previous versions and seems like a much better fit for players waiting for their game to load. The new enhanced first touch, set to be a major part of the game is also shown along with the smarter AI being praised by many who've had the opportunity to go hands-on with the game.

Smarter AI has been worked on with both aspects of the game kept in mind giving a real balance to gameplay while attacking or defending. The final game will be tweaked further, but as things stand for now skill moves seem to have been supressed compared to earlier version, so mastering them would be much harder as compared to previous versions of the game.

With domestic leagues kicking off this week in Europe, fans of the game are raring to have a go with their favorite teams accross the many different gameplay modes FIFA 13 has to offer.

"True Realism" is the term Calfreezy uses to describe his experience of the demo, available for download September 11 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The full retail version will hit stores September 30.